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Electronics Control Unit   (ECU)
The PC~RC ECU's are low cost integrated solutions to control the fuel injection system for 2 and 4 cycle engines. The ECU consists of an circuit assembly
containing an uC, and RS232 serial communications port, non-volatile memory (for algorithm and fuel map storage), signal conditioning circuits and valve drive circuit. Sensors on the ECU might include throttle position sensor, intake air sensor and ignition timing sensor. The system also uses "built-in" or "soft" sensors that work in the real world and incorporate powerful algorithms that provide consistent engine performance.
  • Microprocessor based platform ensures consistent fuel regulation
  • Solid state system utilizes synchronous fuel injections along ignition control
  • ECU firmware allows for "anywhere" program changes flexibility (w/ engine off)
  • ECU software updates also provide for "anywhere" flexibility (while running, "live")
  • Easy, real time engine monitoring and Data logging with true plug and play ease of use.